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Creeplings new miniature toys!

Creeplings are a new spooky inspired miniature toy line that allows children and adults to celebrate the unusual creepy fun everyday not just once a year!  We group tested to make sure both genders love these strange, yet cute little misfits.  It's important to us to reach funding so that we can inspire children and adults with our toys. This would allow something different for people to be around. It will open doors for more opportunities where a creative is behind the toys rather than a big corporation's view point.   The creators of Creeplings consist of designer Gus Fink and his wife Emi Boz. Also their friend Eric Grenier who is their business advisor/marketing expert.  Together they are FrankenToys inc. Their plans are to put a new spin on toys for those who love something that stands out from the norm. 
Their Kickstarter has launched on August 4th at 5pm eastern and has been catching the eyes of the industry right away!