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New paintings and works

been awhile since I've blogged, just been doing so many different things I forget to add post here if you enjoy these, send a comment or message so I can get real time feedback - I may switch accounts and start a new one instead.Are blogs even a big thing still? 
I do prefer these over social media ramblings and writings. 
Being a self employed artist you got to go where the action is and I just always seem to forget I have this blog -- so here's a post, lets see if we get traction - do something on it so I know there is people reading! haha 

Recent posts

Win NEW Creeplings toys for FREE!

We have a brand new toy line out called the Creeplings! They are a miniature collectible line that comes in blind boxes and blind bags  you can pre-order now at
or if you want to win them for free checkout this new Fuzzy Puppet video   

Creeplings are a really cool new line and hope you love them too!

Creeplings new miniature toys!

Creeplings are a new spooky inspired miniature toy line that allows children and adults to celebrate the unusual creepy fun everyday not just once a year!  We group tested to make sure both genders love these strange, yet cute little misfits.  It's important to us to reach funding so that we can inspire children and adults with our toys. This would allow something different for people to be around. It will open doors for more opportunities where a creative is behind the toys rather than a big corporation's view point.   The creators of Creeplings consist of designer Gus Fink and his wife Emi Boz. Also their friend Eric Grenier who is their business advisor/marketing expert.  Together they are FrankenToys inc. Their plans are to put a new spin on toys for those who love something that stands out from the norm. 
Their Kickstarter has launched on August 4th at 5pm eastern and has been catching the eyes of the industry right away! 

Antique Horror Collection to hit "Hot Topic" Stores this August!

For 13 years now I've been painting a series called "Antique Horror collection" I've been collected all over the World and been in several galleries. Now I'm doing something more with it starting this August. A new apparel line will be in over 300 Hot Topic stores mid/late August.
The first line of the series will have a Dress, a SweatShirt and 2 great T-shirts.
I'm very pleased with how good they look and the people I'm working with on them are phenomenal when it comes to apparel. 

I'm currently offering different signed prints from this series on my website

Why Bing Bong should never have died. The truth of Disney's greatest character

Normally I don't promote movies or other people's projects.  But after taking my daughters to see Inside Out. I wasn't prepared for such a close to home character. Nor his "Spoil alert" sad sad death.  
I felt like Bing Bong was my old friend and somehow Pixar knew this and threw him on the screen    Instantly I woke up when this character appeared. The movie got exciting.  You could've killed any other character in the movie and i could care less. The dad. THe angry guy. The sad girl who was my far behind my second fav character. But if you killed the sadness you're left pretty damn happy. 
Bing bong represents your child hood spirit. Your true happiness and most importantly your CREATIVITY. without that people and life are boring. And society remains dull and uninteresting. Disney needs to make a sequel just to make him the star, otherwise its their biggest mistake yet. 
By killing him. It's saying grow up. Grow fast and leave behind the imaginative si…

FrightShow Fighter!!

Ok today's the launch day for this video games kickstarter event
check it out
it's filled with tons of great pledge prizes and I'm really effing proud of it!

the video itself is something mind blowing , what are your thoughts?
click that linky and back it ,share it etc.

Your true style as an artist

Most artist seek to be original. Yet look at others for inspiration.   In order to be a standout artist you don't need to look outward at what others are doing. Look inward.  
Your true style lies within. It's there with your soul.  Look at things from a distance  and look at stuff from different angles.  Maybe clouds or splash paint down.  What do you see? 
Those things you see are often your own style looking at you.  That is unless you're seeing Mickey Mouse or spongebob. Or maybe you are seeing different versions of them 
If you're ever feeling empty and don't know how to begin. Just stop thinking about it and dive right in.   
For me i never looked for my style. It just came to me. And now each day I challenge myself to create something new and different then what I've done before 
That challenge is where new beginning lay and also grabs a bit from the past. 
If you look at another's work and say ahh I'm going to do that. Well then you're just a copy…