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Your true style as an artist

Most artist seek to be original. Yet look at others for inspiration.   In order to be a standout artist you don't need to look outward at what others are doing. Look inward.  
Your true style lies within. It's there with your soul.  Look at things from a distance  and look at stuff from different angles.  Maybe clouds or splash paint down.  What do you see? 
Those things you see are often your own style looking at you.  That is unless you're seeing Mickey Mouse or spongebob. Or maybe you are seeing different versions of them 
If you're ever feeling empty and don't know how to begin. Just stop thinking about it and dive right in.   
For me i never looked for my style. It just came to me. And now each day I challenge myself to create something new and different then what I've done before 
That challenge is where new beginning lay and also grabs a bit from the past. 
If you look at another's work and say ahh I'm going to do that. Well then you're just a copy…

the Idea-ist of Generation NOW!

I proclaim the youth of today as "Generation NOW!"
everybody wants instant this and get it now

music , video games , movies  you name it , it's all here. It's everywhere and anybody can do anything at any time they desire.

What does that mean for what's Next? Well you're going to have the majority of humans rely on that instant insanity which will ultimately make them do nothing as they will rely on the now to feed them what they want.

People will take for granted that touch of a button access that allows them to grow into something ultimately bigger than ever before.
Because it's just sitting there waiting for them , all of it is and with that they don't feel the urge to move.

This might sound a little abstract or confusing so I'll further explain a bit

Right now anyone can really do just about anything
say you want to write an amazing book

you can find any information without any schooling right on the internet , and you can either find a litera…