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My FREE app for iPad,iPhone or iPod!!

Yes the Roklienz are now available for Free for all the IOS apple products
and they are gaining International success!
you can get it here now!/id556727768?mt=8

We give you all 4 songs and 4 characters for Free , the other 4 Roklienz are available for purchase
I'd love to see your thoughts on how the game is!
Let me know and please share on your social networks and much more!

Yes the Kreebils are officially out
the website has launched 
Something we are very proud of!

Besides that it has been a very busy year, which is about to wrap up heading us into 2013!

I'm currently working on a great new app game for iphone and ipad which should come out by summer 2013. Had to get a new developer on it and couldn't be more excited to get who we have on board.

here's a few of the many things I was busy doing in 2012

with that said feel free to share this , as it goes a very long way!

I'd like to bring back some contest and have some new great things to offer

and soon I will be launching a new site to help the company grow - so stay tuned for that as well!!

Free RokLienz App!

That's right! I'm offering our newest app game for FREE on the iPad
you get 4 characters and the songs absolutely free
get it here if you have an iPad
and it will be out for the iPhone soon!!

Go to the App store and type Rok Out and you'll be able to get it
right now it's called RokTerz but we will be changing the name soon as well

This is the only Monster Music game out there so be one of the first to get it free!

it was created under my affiliate company Dr. Krinkles I started the company in 2009 to do more games,toys and art with! Please leave your comments on what you think of the newest app game!