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10 easy steps on "How to get abducted by ALIENS"

Everyone on this planet knows about Aliens
we see new movies coming out all the time  , mostly portraying them as evil beings trying to kill us all.

Well I was lucky enough to find a rule book from Galaxy 888 that explains 10 easy steps on how to be abducted by aliens
so I'm just going to copy what it says so that everyone can get abducted tonight and share their wonderful stories

so the next few paragraphs I didn't write - just copying what the rule book says:

Welcome reader , by now you are thinking just tell me how to get abducted so I can obtain the super powers and know more then my neighbor

so before I continue on with Yabber Blabber , just read below the 10 easy steps
we make it easy because nobody likes difficult things
lets do it backwards tho , to build excitement! EXCITMENT!!!! opps we spelled that wrong
it shouldn't be that way but WE don't hve spelcheck

#10 - Take a soft pretzel or 3 sticks of bubble gum and place them on your head , while those object or …

Strange CREATURES from my head!

As a child I remember being able to close my eyes and see things. I thought that everyone could see another world when they closed their eyes, but as I grew older Learned that this was something special.

 At the age of 9 I decided to draw one of these creatures that I saw in my head. It was hard for to draw it good, my skills weren't yet honed.

   That was the original kick of creating something new Before then I drew things that were more recognizable It wasn't that I couldn't be creative, it was wanting some approval that we all seek as a child.

 Approval is something that can hold us back when it comes to being creative
 Often people decide to come up with something that is similar to what already exist Because its easier that way. Others are more likely to enjoy it for its familiarity

 One must move past that "seeking approval" stage to find their own unique style and have a personality to it. That's where a different kind of confidence needs to kick i…

Vote for your fav blog post of the week and WIN!

Well it's been about a week since I started blogging more rapidly
and I'm very happy to see that today's views on my blog blew away my past days
I received more hits on my site today then I did in past months! 1734 views in 1 day
All thanks to you
with that said I want to give away a FREE signed art print to 1 lucky viewer/voter
here's the print and it will be SIGNED
all you got to do to win is either tell me which blog was your favorite of the week , or comment on this post
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and 1 lucky winner will get this signed print sent to their home!

If you'd like you can share the contest and let me know about it
or get creative on how you promote or view my blog
no right or wrong way to win
I appreciate everyone that sees my blog!

so let me know and I will get out that print above to the lucky winner
if this goes as good as I hope I can most definitely have a…

FREE Zombie coloring book!!

Love Zombies!?
Love coloring things with crayons and markers?

Well today's your lucky day!

Yes this is true
I'm giving full access and permission to print out a full issue of my Zombie Coloring Book
18 total pages to print out including the cover!
if You're feeling guilty for getting it for free then all I ask is you click on some of the ads that are on my blog
check out what they got , all that jazz
otherwise enjoy the free downloads , each is HIGH res
kids love zombies! adults love em more!

this page is sideways ouuuuuu Side ways!
mummy fun checkout my sponsor?
she just wants a fun friend ...

this chubby guy needs a date for the zombie prom!

funny? no!? Yes!! thank you! 

yumm! who doesn't love this kind of ice cream

Wizard of Oz VS Alice in Wonderland artwork

I've been enjoying creating artwork for the past 12 years based on my favorite stories such as Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland the stories and characters are so iconic in our culture and I think will continue to be strong personalities with 
a leading female role 
 there is something fascinating about these stories and how the girl enters a world of the strange and bizarre   the above 2 works of art are done by my partner, Artist Emi Boz
you can see more of her work at

 and this is my first piece I did based on Alice in wonderland
it's in a much different style then the above Wizard of Oz work I did

and this work above is another I did under my alias name Dr. Krinkles
that creation was done completely on the computer , which gives it a much brighter crisp looking work of art

I hope you enjoy these , there are others
and if you'd like to get a print Signed of any of these
let us know with a comment or email to

best n thanks!

First App to launch soon...

Back in 2008 I decided to spend 7 days to write, illustrate and color a graphic novel about 2 kittens who are best friends Zoom forward till today and The silly adventures of Miko and Cola is more then just a comic
With plush toys and now my first iPad App about to launch any day now It will be the first fully soundtracked interactive book as well as bonus mini games available for purchase!

I'm eagerly waiting to see how people enjoy my artwork and stories in this new format ,its important to keep up with technology so that we don't loose the important growth of adapting to the times

the Artist wedding of the century!

How many artist couples do you know that work 365 days a year?
well I can't think of any off the top of my head except for Emi Boz and this guy.
Our first project together was to do a line of cool monster purses called the Gooli Bags
they are now in production but not only as bags
I taught her how to take an idea and make it more then one thing but a whole line
thus our first collab toyline The Gooli Monsters are being turned into capsule toys

 we now work on every project together
from Emi's amazing thumbnail drawings for me to use
 to her ability to make a 3D sculpture based off my flat drawings
 I've never met such a hard working girl in my life ...
with that said we not only work together but we live together, travel together even go to the gym together I think it's important to share the same interest rather then trying to fit someone else's personality  Never did I think that having a soul mate was a real thing  but Now I believe because I know she's by …

The Art of Designer toys!

since the beginning of mankind as far back as "cave men"  Artist set the culture of what is and will be Toys are a great example of this but it wasn't until recent times that Artist would get credit for designing toys Since I was a child I wanted to create toys  They are one of the coolest things you have when you're a kid
Toys R us was my favorite place to go  Seeing so many different things in their stores was very overwhelming 
Another great thing that you can find almost at every grocery store as well as tons of other places are  Capsule vending machines
 have you ever seen a line of Capsule toys designed by an Artist?  the only thing that comes close to my mind is the "Homies" which were incredibly successful in the 1990's and early 2000's  but not many know that person's name , but they probably saw his toys. 
Soon that will change as I signed an amazing deal with the Biggest capsule toy company in the world! There will be multiple cool l…