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Lame Jokes!

Hey Guys, Gals and kitty cats!

So I decided to start up a new series today - it just kinda fell out onto the paper
and I'm calling it "Lame Jokes" posted 3 of them on ebay tonight
here's the 3

hope you think they are funny or at least lame , haha

here's the link to bid on them

Alive & Willing to SURVIVE!

Here's a NEW mixed medium painted I finished up lastnight.
Wanted to create something completely different and I did it in a free creative building method that I haven't really used in the past.

I would work the figures onto the canvas and overlay new layers and imagery ontop of it till it didn't seem like a character that was "classic" for myself

Once I felt that it was a fresh creation with a great energy to it I then added color and detailed smaller lines into it

This Original one of a kind painting is available for only $444
it's 24x8" on stretched canvas and I don't plan on making prints of it

so this is a great opportunity to own something very unique!

hope you enjoy it!
n hope to hear your comments

Next Stop C2E2 in Chicago!

I decided to hit the road again and travel to Chicago for this weekend's C2E2 which will be this friday,saturday and sunday
great chance to get signed art, toys and all that good jazz

hope to see some of you there!