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Happy Holidays and all that goodness

So You all are prepping for the holidays in one way or another
weather it's knowing that the grocery store will be closed or that you got big plans with friends and family

with all that said I'm very excited for 2012 - I know it will be a very great and successful year for business and art - as well as loads of fun

In the works I have more projects lined up then ever before - all which will be launched in 2012 -

but first this important video for fun and stupidity

True art and why Banksy will be worthless one day

True art isn't planned
It happens when you find yourself magically landing in a creative inner place where you don't know how you got there or when it will stop

You don't know what is fully happening but you realize you are being led to create something new and original that will inspire and give multiple meaning

True art we don't say will happen now
It happens when we least realize it

Where a mistake isn't one at all but a blessing that one could never recreate

A Banksy is A team of people led by one artist to make something so clever and so haha gotcha
It's a t-shirt design and nothing more
It's a trick and gimmic. Just like shown in his own movie where a non artist did the same thing and had people buying it up like it was golden candy

This sort of planned rebellion isn't one at all but selling junk to the same people who make things junky

Sure ive done junk paintings in my life to get by and eat
But my purpose and goal is to make the wor…