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How to get in the Work of Art frame of mind

This is an easy way for anyone to get inspired to create new and wonderful art
such as flowers or beans

enjoy and brush 4 times an hour 

Sexy Robot Dance! - ART TOY PROMO

Checkout this new video I directed featuring my new Soft Sculpture SCANTRON! Emi Boz was kind enough to dance in the video , and I recorded the Song right before shooting
just one way to promote the new Scantron Art Toy~~ ENJOY!

Gus Fink Studios is back and better then ever!

Gus Fink Studios is back and better then ever!  this is a screen shot for the first App/Game that will drop in 2012  I won't yet announce what the game will be or about but it's been in production for a few months now and will launch in 2012 
this among other things as well as Capsule toys and a NEW ToyLine inspired by my past Stitch Kittens and Boogily Bunnies will be launching in 2012 
This is a new chapter in Gus Fink Studios  stay tuned for more ...

GrimPets Mini Art toys to be launched soon!

This isn't the big big news I was talking about earlier
but this is in fact cool big news!
The Grimpets are the worlds tiniest Art toys to launch
each one is based on my own sculptures and based on the paint jobs of Emi Boz
she painted these lil originals for me and from here they will be mass produced for Capsule toys o rama!
I plan on licensing out this line for other things as well
but want to give every kid and adult a chance to own their very own lil Fink work of Art!
these will retail between 25-50cents each
so keep your quarters handy and look out for the GrimPets!

Never grow up...

Here's a new painting showing the amazing mind of a child , inside an adult
as children it seems were so excited to get taller , to be older to do grown up things
often loosing the great adventure of playing and being a kid

I say never loose your child spirit
never grow up too much or too fast
you should always enjoy life , be happy for the fun things that there is and the creative energy that surrounds us all

this is an original work on stretched canvas
for only $400 postpaid
email me if you're interested

also Have prints for only $22 postpaid to the same paypal address

and stay tuned for that big announcment - hint is boogily heads +Stitch Kittens+ ________+__________= ________