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Showing posts from September, 2011

New Charity Auction on Ebay

I'm donating part of the proceeds of this auction to the Salvation Army
I've been giving to them for the past 10 years and this is my first art auction that I'm putting towards them

here's the link to the auction

check it out and bid if you can


Preparing for NYC comic Con

As I prepare for the NYC Comic Con
there is a whole slew of projects ahead of me working on for my Dr. Krinkles Company
and as I can't say anything about them
I wanted to check in here to write about NYC as I will be attending a gallery show art battle on saturday of the show

also you will be able to get your toys signed there , buy scantron plush , Miko and Cola plush and even get their Mini Graphic Novel

besides that checkout this pic from a french blog that wrote about my toys awhile back

thought it was a pretty cool find


Girls of Tomorrow

Here's something new I drew lastnight while talking to my brother on the phone
I'm a man of 2 daughters a sister and a mother
with my Art Partner by my side and my Black cat close by
I realize how important the girls of today and tomorrow are
and that not too long ago they didn't have the same rights that they deserve

this original work of art is on torn paper and is mixed medium on top of it
it's currently available for $45 postpaid

"To all the Girls of tomorrow
make sure you care about today and think about the next

without you their is nobody -for you are the mothers of this planet
but don't let that stop you from living out your dreams
for without you doing great and amazing things the world doesn't change

Thank you for being beautiful and thank you for bringing more peace then chaos"

New York Comic Con and After Party gallery show!

I'll be attending the NYC Comic Con in October
also will be doing an after party art battle on saturday night the 15th of Oct

hope to see you there - I will also have the new toyline I did with THEGODBEAST called FinkerBots
those are limited edition so be sure to get yours there!

BrandyWine Arts festival this weekend!

We will be at the BrandyWine arts festival in Delaware this weekend - come see us and grab some artwork while it last!

Things have been busy for us lately - with many projects being focused on and new announcements always on the verge
From Capsule toys to top secret projects nobody knows about - there hasn't been a busier time for Gus Fink Studios then now.  If you'd like a custom painting now is the time to put in for one as I'm starting to have less and less time to devote to it
thank you all for your great energy and support each and everyday!!

Roto Fugi in Chicago places first Order

Soon you wil be able to get my new Plush toys at Roto Fugi in Chicago they are the first in Chicago to order the new lines - Roto Fugi is also the best Designer Art Toy Store in the Chicago!  Proud to announce they just placed an order -  Besides that right now I'm in Atlanta for Dragon Con - always a great show , I'll try to post some pics  especially of the new Masterpiece I'm working on while at the show it's one of my best canvas works yet!
hit me up if you need anything special - my Commissions are starting to add up so grab one while you can