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the Idea-ist of Generation NOW!

I proclaim the youth of today as "Generation NOW!"
everybody wants instant this and get it now

music , video games , movies  you name it , it's all here. It's everywhere and anybody can do anything at any time they desire.

What does that mean for what's Next? Well you're going to have the majority of humans rely on that instant insanity which will ultimately make them do nothing as they will rely on the now to feed them what they want.

People will take for granted that touch of a button access that allows them to grow into something ultimately bigger than ever before.
Because it's just sitting there waiting for them , all of it is and with that they don't feel the urge to move.

This might sound a little abstract or confusing so I'll further explain a bit

Right now anyone can really do just about anything
say you want to write an amazing book

you can find any information without any schooling right on the internet , and you can either find a literary agent or publisher or you can just simply and cheaply print it yourself

It's all very very easy -(Sure there is that battle to fight to get it done and done right , but without that then what would be the point of anything , it would just all be a mesh of garbage like most blogs are heh)

fighting and never quitting is ultimately what gets you ahead
and I don't mean fight , with people  or yourself
I mean don't stop going , don't stop working at your goals , don't stop!

Only you can make you stop. Only you can make you not allow yourself to take hold of today and make sure tomorrow is better.

Ideas are what changes the way , Art+ideas is what makes it look and feel like  a living dream

I claim this as generation now , and I claim to be the Idea-Ist of now and generations to come.


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FREE Tattoo Flash Art!

love tattoos but don't know what to get??
Lucky for you I'm giving you ideas and FREE flash art
maybe you want a bunch of scattered heads ?
or an odd fun scribble monster!?
well you came to the right blog , because this is a special offer to you all

 figured I throw in some colored stuff that looks like it would work for a tattoo as well

 but with the black n whites you can have it custom colored to your own specifications!

 this is one I did awhile back for someone who I think got it tattooed

and well this one would be fun to color in or a sleeve 
these were stickers I made back in my mini comix packs  now you can get them tattooed! 

thanks for looking
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hope you enjoyed this posting ---- Gus----

Wizard of Oz VS Alice in Wonderland artwork

I've been enjoying creating artwork for the past 12 years based on my favorite stories such as Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland the stories and characters are so iconic in our culture and I think will continue to be strong personalities with 
a leading female role 
 there is something fascinating about these stories and how the girl enters a world of the strange and bizarre   the above 2 works of art are done by my partner, Artist Emi Boz
you can see more of her work at

 and this is my first piece I did based on Alice in wonderland
it's in a much different style then the above Wizard of Oz work I did

and this work above is another I did under my alias name Dr. Krinkles
that creation was done completely on the computer , which gives it a much brighter crisp looking work of art

I hope you enjoy these , there are others
and if you'd like to get a print Signed of any of these
let us know with a comment or email to

best n thanks!

FREE Zombie coloring book!!

Love Zombies!?
Love coloring things with crayons and markers?

Well today's your lucky day!

Yes this is true
I'm giving full access and permission to print out a full issue of my Zombie Coloring Book
18 total pages to print out including the cover!
if You're feeling guilty for getting it for free then all I ask is you click on some of the ads that are on my blog
check out what they got , all that jazz
otherwise enjoy the free downloads , each is HIGH res
kids love zombies! adults love em more!

this page is sideways ouuuuuu Side ways!
mummy fun checkout my sponsor?
she just wants a fun friend ...

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