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Pinocchio and the Robot generation

Everyone kind of loves robots and now were entering an age where they will become more part of our lives than ever.   Fast food joints will soon look to use robots then employ people to lower paying salaries.  More factories.   Even our pets are being replaced to a certain degree.      So withy that being said. Someone will need to creat new jobs.  Offer new possibilities of growth to humanity making sure it's not a dark world where it only appeals to the elite as it has during the depression     
Robots are not the problem.  They can be a helpful solution.   We just still need to make new waves for our future

Creating every day is the only way

Each year I strive to be more productive and that's pretty much what happens. There's so much one can do if they intend on it.  Time is magical in that way when you figure out how to utilize it smartly.   The main way to do this is by gaining inner confidence in your ideas your motions and thoughts especially your actions.   Not that one should just go out and do whatever their first idea is.  It's something you earn and gain from experience.  By creating everyday by challenging yourself and working with teams of creative talented smart people. You surely can shine on by learning and growing to fit who you truly are making it easy for you to bleed out genuine work.