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Been a bit since I posted a lengthy write up
So let me try and do that now. Now that winter is finally dying out giving way for spring 
the mind and body can be born again into the good feelings of warmth. So with that said 
I like to give away little tidbits of my projects without saying too much 
for starters I've been working on some different video games
games are strange to work on , but better with other people then by yourself 
I've done a bunch now and am working on even more 
the above guy is a sample idea for something in the works - probably makes no sense to you and it's the first time I had to build something which I call "Fake 3D" meaning it's flat but I built it up as if it was a 3D object 
sort of like lego but in photoshop 

Then we got the Roklienz which I released 2 app games out with my partners 
they are available on all IOS and I did them under my other company Dr. Krinkles 
a brand that I started to only do my cleaner looking projects that are never geared solely towards adults 

Whereas with Gus Fink Studios I do both , art for adults and kids to enjoy 

The Kreebils are one of the newer Gus Fink Studios properties
and a first toy brand launch that is in full collaboration with artist Emi Boz 
this idea came to her in a dream and from there I drew up what she had visioned 
gave them a fun name 

That's just one of the ways I work 
Dreams usually give me a powerful idea but in waking life I come up with much more 

speaking of dreams when I was a kid I suffered from many nightmares
now as an adult I grew enjoy them and use them to my benefit 

As you can see this is an embrace to my past nightmares into today's love of the creepy and the cute
with that said I like to think that I'm always "working" and at the same time since I truly love what I do 
I'm never working a minute 
but the working stage as one would call it I use up all 24 hours 
my sleep is to see what my dreams will inspire and give into bright and never before seen ideas 

this is the opposite of ol Andy Warhol
he seemed to party and have others do all of the work 
making him a mere director of his work

I respect what he did and see him as a great business minded artist
but not as hands on as he could have been

this is a puff dog that never was produced 
just wanted to show you the prototype
because when I write these things I select pics first and then write a bunch 

And Lastly a sneak peak at not only the new and revised Boogily Heads logo 
but also how one would look as a String doll....


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