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Possibly my greatest painting yet!!!

This painting is titled "Grand Master"
I realize when I make these kind of paintings (ones that come from my head and have a deep meaning that can be explained in multiple ways) They give me such joy painting them and even more when I finish.
there's a point when I start that I'm thinking How the $)@K am I going to finish this , it's insane , it's going to be too difficult...

The challenge is part of the experience , it's part of the inner artist struggle
without it you're too comfortable and therefore weak as an artist
knowing too much about what you're doing isn't fun
but not knowing how and finding a way how is something that you should do in all your work
You'll be more rewarded than you could imagine

I used mixed medium when I paint and that goes for piece by piece
it's a whats next to me , what can work kind of thing

well that's all I'll say for now - don't want to go on and bore anyone

Let me know what you think of this


  1. Your work really impresses me. There is so much depth hidden in your imagery and yet right in front of the viewer all at once. Your colors are gorgeous, and I am truly a fan of your work. I look forward to building my Gus Fink Art Collection!



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