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Burrito Cat song! lil cartoon fun

Ok soo my app is no longer free - was for 10 days or so and whomever got it for freez has it forever freeze
but now you get all 10 levels for 99 cents - less then a buck - not a bad deal for music, art , video game action all done by 1 guy

Anywho this is free of course
it's a new lil song for you
enjoy it on the interweb-ness

do you love cats or burritos??

99 cents for Poopy Fun!!

Get my 1st self published app game  (my 4th game to date) but this one I did solo just to figure out how to do it all so that in the future I can create more detailed games  Here it is absolutely FREE on iPhone 4,4s and 5-
and here it is on iPad
I hope you enjoy this game  it's to be humorous and silly

this here is the original game document I built when I first created the idea 
it's a simple game and to the point but the best part about it is that its entirely new not a copy of another game , just a unique quick idea that I wanted to put into motion
Life is about setting goals and moving forward here's to a great 2014!