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Your true style as an artist

Most artist seek to be original. Yet look at others for inspiration.   In order to be a standout artist you don't need to look outward at what others are doing. Look inward.  
Your true style lies within. It's there with your soul.  Look at things from a distance  and look at stuff from different angles.  Maybe clouds or splash paint down.  What do you see? 
Those things you see are often your own style looking at you.  That is unless you're seeing Mickey Mouse or spongebob. Or maybe you are seeing different versions of them 
If you're ever feeling empty and don't know how to begin. Just stop thinking about it and dive right in.   
For me i never looked for my style. It just came to me. And now each day I challenge myself to create something new and different then what I've done before 
That challenge is where new beginning lay and also grabs a bit from the past. 
If you look at another's work and say ahh I'm going to do that. Well then you're just a copy…

the Idea-ist of Generation NOW!

I proclaim the youth of today as "Generation NOW!"
everybody wants instant this and get it now

music , video games , movies  you name it , it's all here. It's everywhere and anybody can do anything at any time they desire.

What does that mean for what's Next? Well you're going to have the majority of humans rely on that instant insanity which will ultimately make them do nothing as they will rely on the now to feed them what they want.

People will take for granted that touch of a button access that allows them to grow into something ultimately bigger than ever before.
Because it's just sitting there waiting for them , all of it is and with that they don't feel the urge to move.

This might sound a little abstract or confusing so I'll further explain a bit

Right now anyone can really do just about anything
say you want to write an amazing book

you can find any information without any schooling right on the internet , and you can either find a litera…

Pinocchio and the Robot generation

Everyone kind of loves robots and now were entering an age where they will become more part of our lives than ever.   Fast food joints will soon look to use robots then employ people to lower paying salaries.  More factories.   Even our pets are being replaced to a certain degree.      So withy that being said. Someone will need to creat new jobs.  Offer new possibilities of growth to humanity making sure it's not a dark world where it only appeals to the elite as it has during the depression     
Robots are not the problem.  They can be a helpful solution.   We just still need to make new waves for our future

Creating every day is the only way

Each year I strive to be more productive and that's pretty much what happens. There's so much one can do if they intend on it.  Time is magical in that way when you figure out how to utilize it smartly.   The main way to do this is by gaining inner confidence in your ideas your motions and thoughts especially your actions.   Not that one should just go out and do whatever their first idea is.  It's something you earn and gain from experience.  By creating everyday by challenging yourself and working with teams of creative talented smart people. You surely can shine on by learning and growing to fit who you truly are making it easy for you to bleed out genuine work.  

Free advice from a full time artist of over 15 years...

Been a bit since I posted a lengthy write up So let me try and do that now. Now that winter is finally dying out giving way for spring  the mind and body can be born again into the good feelings of warmth. So with that said  I like to give away little tidbits of my projects without saying too much  for starters I've been working on some different video games games are strange to work on , but better with other people then by yourself  I've done a bunch now and am working on even more  the above guy is a sample idea for something in the works - probably makes no sense to you and it's the first time I had to build something which I call "Fake 3D" meaning it's flat but I built it up as if it was a 3D object  sort of like lego but in photoshop 
Then we got the Roklienz which I released 2 app games out with my partners  they are available on all IOS and I did them under my other company Dr. Krinkles  a brand that I started to only do my cleaner looking projects t…

Possibly my greatest painting yet!!!

This painting is titled "Grand Master"
I realize when I make these kind of paintings (ones that come from my head and have a deep meaning that can be explained in multiple ways) They give me such joy painting them and even more when I finish.
there's a point when I start that I'm thinking How the $)@K am I going to finish this , it's insane , it's going to be too difficult...

The challenge is part of the experience , it's part of the inner artist struggle
without it you're too comfortable and therefore weak as an artist
knowing too much about what you're doing isn't fun
but not knowing how and finding a way how is something that you should do in all your work
You'll be more rewarded than you could imagine

I used mixed medium when I paint and that goes for piece by piece
it's a whats next to me , what can work kind of thing

well that's all I'll say for now - don't want to go on and bore anyone

Let me know what you think of t…

Burrito Cat song! lil cartoon fun

Ok soo my app is no longer free - was for 10 days or so and whomever got it for freez has it forever freeze
but now you get all 10 levels for 99 cents - less then a buck - not a bad deal for music, art , video game action all done by 1 guy

Anywho this is free of course
it's a new lil song for you
enjoy it on the interweb-ness

do you love cats or burritos??

99 cents for Poopy Fun!!

Get my 1st self published app game  (my 4th game to date) but this one I did solo just to figure out how to do it all so that in the future I can create more detailed games  Here it is absolutely FREE on iPhone 4,4s and 5-
and here it is on iPad
I hope you enjoy this game  it's to be humorous and silly

this here is the original game document I built when I first created the idea 
it's a simple game and to the point but the best part about it is that its entirely new not a copy of another game , just a unique quick idea that I wanted to put into motion
Life is about setting goals and moving forward here's to a great 2014!