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Video Games in production

Lately my focus has been towards video games in a major way.
Still making art, still making toys and all that classic goodness I do -

But Video games are the Ultimate art form!
I get to create music , sound FX , insane visuals which are all the graphics and even user interface

It's a huge challenge and tons of fun

My characters and ideas really come to life in video game form

You may have played some of my app games created under my alias company Dr Krinkles LLC
if not checkout "Roklienz" and also "Miko and Cola" on IOS devices

But besides those I've been focusing on multiple new video game projects that are in different stages of production

When they are close to being out (maybe a week before launch or so)
I will post about them here , put up a fan page on facebook and all that stuffs were used to seeing on the netty nets

the Next game to come out will be a fun simple project that I hope you'll download and enjoy

it will be cute , a lil yucky but most …

Stitch Kittens apparel in Asia

If you're a fan of the Stitch Kittens then get excited for new apparel to be out! They will be the first line of mine to be sold in China and other parts of Asia 
right now in pre-production and soon to be available  once successful they will travel to other parts of the planet until they are a global icon for apparel , toys and fashion
and that's the latest out of the Fink box directly to YOU!