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The Art of selling art

I've been slinging paintings since 2000
and just a few sold before that , I remember selling my first works and the excitement it brought ,
I still get that excited for every time one sells

At the same time , I love those paintings a little more just as they sell and help pay the bills 

 We live in a world where dollars help give you extra breath to get by
without them you can't do what you like or love

So being able to create my own career and have people enjoy my work so much that they purchase my art , always feels like a blessing and I'm grateful for each sale.

I don't think artist should do the classic move where they price their work very high in hopes of finding a stupid rich person buying it because "it's expensive"

the way I started was by doing smaller quicker work and selling it for whatever people were willing to pay

that way you grow as an artist , and your prices grow with them

the more successful you become , the more your work grows in …

New Puppet show!! "Puppet Attack" watch all 3 episodes

Yes, Our new show "Puppet Attack" is now available on youtube and here absolutely freeeeee!!
well they are short mini webisodes
but they are fun fun fun for anyone who loves a good puppet show!

check em out here they are... Episode 1

here's Episode 2

and here's episode 3!!

and to see the more in the future subscribe to the channel

hope you like them