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Video Games in production

Lately my focus has been towards video games in a major way.
Still making art, still making toys and all that classic goodness I do -

But Video games are the Ultimate art form!
I get to create music , sound FX , insane visuals which are all the graphics and even user interface

It's a huge challenge and tons of fun

My characters and ideas really come to life in video game form

You may have played some of my app games created under my alias company Dr Krinkles LLC
if not checkout "Roklienz" and also "Miko and Cola" on IOS devices

But besides those I've been focusing on multiple new video game projects that are in different stages of production

When they are close to being out (maybe a week before launch or so)
I will post about them here , put up a fan page on facebook and all that stuffs were used to seeing on the netty nets

the Next game to come out will be a fun simple project that I hope you'll download and enjoy

it will be cute , a lil yucky but most …

Stitch Kittens apparel in Asia

If you're a fan of the Stitch Kittens then get excited for new apparel to be out! They will be the first line of mine to be sold in China and other parts of Asia 
right now in pre-production and soon to be available  once successful they will travel to other parts of the planet until they are a global icon for apparel , toys and fashion
and that's the latest out of the Fink box directly to YOU! 

September special!

As I'm nearing my 100,000 website hits in only 8 months.
to celebrate, I'm offering a Special commission offer for the month of September 2013
I will create anything of your preferrence either from my mind of my version of an iconic character
for only $50 in color on Card Stock paper 6x4"  -- or 11x8.5" on Cardstock for $113
paypal or money orders accepted - my paypal is

Here's some works to get you excited!
Yaay!! Hope you enjoyed these fun works -- let me know what you'd like special!

The Art of selling art

I've been slinging paintings since 2000
and just a few sold before that , I remember selling my first works and the excitement it brought ,
I still get that excited for every time one sells

At the same time , I love those paintings a little more just as they sell and help pay the bills 

 We live in a world where dollars help give you extra breath to get by
without them you can't do what you like or love

So being able to create my own career and have people enjoy my work so much that they purchase my art , always feels like a blessing and I'm grateful for each sale.

I don't think artist should do the classic move where they price their work very high in hopes of finding a stupid rich person buying it because "it's expensive"

the way I started was by doing smaller quicker work and selling it for whatever people were willing to pay

that way you grow as an artist , and your prices grow with them

the more successful you become , the more your work grows in …

New Puppet show!! "Puppet Attack" watch all 3 episodes

Yes, Our new show "Puppet Attack" is now available on youtube and here absolutely freeeeee!!
well they are short mini webisodes
but they are fun fun fun for anyone who loves a good puppet show!

check em out here they are... Episode 1

here's Episode 2

and here's episode 3!!

and to see the more in the future subscribe to the channel

hope you like them

Stern show comic and other fun

So now that things are moving along with assorted projects
 I figured it's time to put some new stuff up on the site

Here's some fun fan art of Howard Stern and Beetlejuice , as well as a comic about something that happened on today's show  where Benjy Bronk has been wearing "lift" shoes so he looks taller

these are quick little drawings , that might become something regular if people enjoy them

let me know , and hope there isn't too many people out there that really hate Howard
it's just fun entertainment and keeps me happy while I paint!

Sticker Contest!! WHooo!!

MOO Giveaway with Out of The Fink Box

I’m delighted to announce that I’ve teamed up with the design and print guys over at to offer a giveaway to 3 of our lucky readers! If you’re not heard of MOO, they love printing business cards, MiniCards, creating custom stickers, postcards & labels - MOO enjoy creative printing!

A MOO is?

MOO arose from a dream of gorgeous, first-rate print and design - they make designing and printing simple as. You can choose to either select from the business card templates or upload your own artwork to create truly original products.

Competition Prizes

WIN: THREE winners can choose either a set of 50 Classic Business Cards or a 180 Stickers MOO Stickerbook.

How To Win!

For you to win one a MOO prize, all you have to do is leave a comment below and tell us, how would you design stand out from the rest? Be creative, fun and most importantly unique! If you make us smile you’re in with a great chance of walking away with some terri…

Newest painting for sale and plush toys!

Hello readers, friends ,fans and such! Above is one of my newer paintings
I paint every chance I can get and the only time I don't get to paint is when I'm working on designing one of my games or toy lines .
The above painting is titled "Forever they Exist" it's mixed medium on stretched canvas and measures 12x12" currently is available for $225 *plus shipping where available*
email me if you're interested in obtaining it and I'll let you know - my email and paypal is
the above painting really shows how my creative process works - my characters are literally born out of nothing and they are pleased to show themselves once they are into this world , pulled out from another.

Speaking of characters , if you don't already know I have plush toys available of Miko and Cola "The worlds cutest kittens" they are $20 each plus shipping - paypal me at if you'd like them
I can do both postpaid for $45 -…

New Stickers!! Free Stickers! STICKER MANIA!

Today was a Sticker mania day!
I received a whole bunch of really cool stickers from
if you haven't heard of them , check them out as they can make your sticker dreams come true!
Never before have I seen the ability to make SO many STICKERS for a cheap price and no limit to designs

I used to get stickers from StickerGuy and it took forever to get them , also they were pricey and I'd only get 1 design after all this hard work to make sure it's ready for print

with you get as many freaking wonderful colors as you like and you can do some really cool stuff where they will print 52 different designs or more with your order
it's so customizable you won't believe it and you'll make sure to use them every time you need more fun stickers!

with that said I'm going to later post a contest so that YOU can get FREE stickers of your very own from Moo!
and if you want some of my weird stickers - email me and I will send you free sti…

More FREE Tattoos and Monsters!!

A monster is something or someone that is different then the norm, a more unusual way of looking or thinking. With that said there are some cruel and evil monsters as well as some brilliant and bright ones.
I wouldn't consider many of the monsters I create as the dark sided monsters , but beings of light and good.
these monsters flow out of my mind with a fun ease that always is a delightful surprise each time they enter my canvas.

I'll be attending the Philadelphia Tattoo Con this weekend Friday-Sunday Feb 8th,9,10th 2013

and there will be so many tattoos at it that I won't notice any of them.
most tattoos seem rather boring and repetitive so why not get something original and unique
get some fink ink!

here's some fun ideas to choose from 
 These are all my creations and I'm saying yes , feel FREE to get tattoos of them and send me pics so I can post them on here!
 maybe one of these lil fun creatures?
 or one of these guys!?
 she's a beauty for your arm or …

Creative Energy

The word creative is at times used loosely I've heard it used for someone drawing a heart or for a simple idea of using an animal to entertain
But real creativity comes from within and not by seeking out wards

When you let go completely and let in the surrounding creative energy that is everywhere. You then can tap into another realm that holds endless ideas and creatures waiting to be brought into our world so they can be seen and shine.

I never take anything for granted When I get a new idea I'm greatful. Or when someone wants to purchase my work and support what I do , I'm very appreciative
The art world like most fields is highly competitive and changing

You can't ever allow yourself to think that it gets easier or that you've reached your goal and now can relax Once you do accomplish a hard worked achievement you must go on to the next big thing
2013 marks my 13th year doing my art without working another job
It all started with small goals and living f…

Apocalypse MEOW!

So I just did my first moive poster parody , since Emi loves cats so much and thought it'd be cool to have one of these
I'm offering limited edition signed prints of it for only $13
paypal me to if you'd like one and put Apocalypse MEOW!  in the subject or somewhere --

this way I will know you want one
Other then that fun jazz, we have been working non stop on tons of new fun things
mostly toys and app games
but also some other top notch top secret things

stay tuned and please comment so I know which post you enjoy the most!