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The Kreebils are coming to Earth!!

The Kreebils are coming very very soon!
From what I last heard , they will be popping up in Every Red Robin and Buffalo wild wings restaurant this October!
Also We should have some available with us at the New York City Comic Con

there is 6 different characters in the first series
and so far I have designed 14 total

Now these aren't fully created by me , Emi Boz came up with the shape and full idea of them as the perfect crane machine toy!

were very excited to launch these soft monsters
it's our first plush toy collaboration

with that said , send us your pictures of when you win them! and I will post them here and on our facebook!

so keep your eyes peeled for the KREEBILS!!!!
also their website is launching soon too ....

Art show at MonkeyHouse in LA!

Emi and I will both have our artwork at our next gallery show in LA
checkout the postcard for the show here
called Monsters VS Wizards
so you know we will be making some really rad art for this show!

We now are married and doing what we do best
(Emi Boz and I)

got a busy schedule ahead of us - lots of top secret things in the works as well as public things we may announce
such as our first Booth at NYC Comic Con -
usually we had an artist alley small spot - but decided to go all the way and get a booth!

check us out there and let us know if you need anything special!