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Miko and Cola hit the iPad!!

Yes, now my first App is available on the iPad!
It's more then just a game or a book it's both! Featuring a revolutionary way for kids to enjoy Comics!
GabuDuck (a new kids app company) has produced the first Dr. Krinkles/Gus Fink app
the book itself is full with it's own Soundtrack and is voiced by some talented actors!

It's interactive and also comes with one free game! Where you can customize sounds and play with music as well as change the outfits of Miko and Cola

I'm very proud of this and worked hard to make sure there is plenty of animations in it!

So now's a perfect time to get the app and get the plush toys!
Email me any questions and hope you enjoy my first App

Scan This and Change the World!

If you just got the Scan Bill , or want to make them to help spread the word
here's where it should take you if you don't have the QR scanner 
that is our Kickstarter video
check it out , please help back the project and we can make the world a Cooler place
TIME IS RUNNING OUT! As I write this there is less then 24 days left ....
if we don't reach our goal we don't get a penny and all backers get their money back

feel free to download and print as much of this and post NOW
thanks so much for all your help!

Gus n Emi