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Making a career from your Artwork!

Most people would love to make a living off their creations , artwork ect
I've been doing it for over a decade , How?

I will tell you how YOU can do it too

first of all it comes to how much you believe in yourself
as a kid nobody seemed to care much for my artwork except for my mom
but my mom caring for it went along way

other kids didn't care for it in the slightest
teaches didn't either

but I loved it and my mom did
that didn't seem like much and wouldn't make me money
but it started that little fire that you need to get going!

So time went flying by and I didn't pay any attention in school. School!?? no way not for me
I did things my own way
(couldn't even do my homework)
so when I graduated I decided to start up a comic company since I loved comics soo much
but I didn't believe in the book after I printed them , Yeah as soon as it got back from the printer!  haha

I shouldn't have printed them , but felt obligated since I had some other artist in the book
seeing the printed book I just lost that fire , it burnt out

so I didn't really have passion behind my book and therefore didn't want to even show it
( I still have over 800 of the issues in my moms house somewhere , of which I printed about 1,000its called Black Rain comix if you ever seen it , probably not)

but did I give up? Of course not
not then ...

I went on to get some junky odd jobs
worked at Subway as a Sandwich ARTIST hhaha
then washed dishes at a lil pub

and that's when I was 19
loved art , loved making things
so I took what little money I had (about $3,500)
and opened up a little punk rock odd weirdo shop with a friend
this was the first place I sold some of my newer mini comics and my Original artwork
which was priced between $5-15 for one

yes this was just the beginning of me living off my art
I still worked part time to help pay my shop bills
BUT I didn't fully live off my artwork
not until part 2.... to be continued!!!
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