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FREE Tattoo Flash Art!

 love tattoos but don't know what to get??
Lucky for you I'm giving you ideas and FREE flash art
maybe you want a bunch of scattered heads ?
or an odd fun scribble monster!?

well you came to the right blog , because this is a special offer to you all

 figured I throw in some colored stuff that looks like it would work for a tattoo as well

 but with the black n whites you can have it custom colored to your own specifications!

 this is one I did awhile back for someone who I think got it tattooed

and well this one would be fun to color in or a sleeve 

these were stickers I made back in my mini comix packs 
now you can get them tattooed! 

thanks for looking
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hope you enjoyed this posting ---- Gus----


  1. Really Dude:
    I would never suggest anyone to put this stuff on their body. I have been tattooing for 13 years and I can tell you it just is not going to happen with any artist. Sorry, try putting better work up.


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