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KickStarter vid Launched! DAY 1

We made our first KickStarter vid and need your help to spread it and or pledge for some amazing Prizes
Check it out  it's day one - so far as I write this 7 Backers which is amazing but we got a LOOONG way to reach our goal - so we def need your help! 
Let's make the World a cooler place!!  hope you like it , just saw we got the Guy who Created metalocalypse is our 8th backer! That is awesome --- and before I could post one of my best buds from way back is our 9th backer!!

Back from Vegas!!

Just got back from another great show in Las Vegas
It's more of a business show then the selling shows we used to do

there's a booth shot of some of the stuff we had there
so I've been away from the blog for awhile and have a teeny bit of Jet Lag

tomorrow we will be posting our first ever KickStarter video which we are very excited about and will really need all your help to get it out

Good to be back home and start getting back to our old routines

(soon I got to announce the winner of those 3 stickers)

Win 3 cool Big Stickers!!!

You like Stickers?
How about the kind you can put on your car or window
well These are BIG Stickers I did under my Alias name Dr. Krinkles
about 6" each

Also I want to announce the winner of the last contest for the 2 comic books I did
soo... Nicole Anne Rapp You Won those (will contact you for your address now)

If YOU would like to win these 3 stickers
just comment or share this  - those are what helps me keep doing these contest!

So thank you very much for spreading the word about my blog - !!

I will announce the winner of this contest in the next 3-5 days!


Creating your art in different mediums

Defining your style is important in being an original artist  and a great way to do that is by using different mediums  the Example above is mixed medium on wood,  Creating art on wood might be tricky at first as it can have a very rough texture to it  as well as very dry. Wood absorbs paint very quickly and takes more to soak it in  Your brush strokes need to be reviewed and experimental to do what you want but the end result will most likely be different then anything You've done on paper or canvas! 
Speaking of canvas  the above work is on canvas do you see the drips coming out of the middle mountain?  that's something great to do on canvas  you can also use the texture of it to benefit your brush strokes and get to do tiny details that might be hard to do on a rougher textured wood. 
computers add a whole new level to art  and while I'm against people selling their work as digital prints only  I think for some things the computer does work best for example the above c…

FREE Tattoo Flash Art!

love tattoos but don't know what to get??
Lucky for you I'm giving you ideas and FREE flash art
maybe you want a bunch of scattered heads ?
or an odd fun scribble monster!?
well you came to the right blog , because this is a special offer to you all

 figured I throw in some colored stuff that looks like it would work for a tattoo as well

 but with the black n whites you can have it custom colored to your own specifications!

 this is one I did awhile back for someone who I think got it tattooed

and well this one would be fun to color in or a sleeve 
these were stickers I made back in my mini comix packs  now you can get them tattooed! 

thanks for looking
Please Share with your Friends! Twitter n facebook

hope you enjoyed this posting ---- Gus----

Making a career from your Artwork!

Most people would love to make a living off their creations , artwork ect
I've been doing it for over a decade , How?

I will tell you how YOU can do it too

first of all it comes to how much you believe in yourself
as a kid nobody seemed to care much for my artwork except for my mom
but my mom caring for it went along way

other kids didn't care for it in the slightest
teaches didn't either

but I loved it and my mom did
that didn't seem like much and wouldn't make me money
but it started that little fire that you need to get going!

So time went flying by and I didn't pay any attention in school. School!?? no way not for me
I did things my own way
(couldn't even do my homework)
so when I graduated I decided to start up a comic company since I loved comics soo much
but I didn't believe in the book after I printed them , Yeah as soon as it got back from the printer!  haha

I shouldn't have printed them , but felt obligated since I had some other artist i…

Dancing Panda monster Animation!

So I'm working on a new iPad / iPhone game and wanted to show a teeny tiny teaser for it this is one of the many dancing characters that will be in the game  Now you might think it's cute or you might be thinking "hey this guy isn't an animator!"  well I'm not an animator  but with my minimal skills since I'm more of an idea-ist and creative artist  this is what I came up with  I still think its pretty cool and fun
if you like it I'll be doing more of these little teasers and please share this with your friends , as it helps me keep doing these blogs 

many thanks  Dancing Panda!!!! 

FREE Sneak Peek at new book "Lyla Loom!"

This is the first collaboration book I did with Emi Boz  We did it awhile ago but never released it yet 
so I thought why not give our fans a free sneak peek of the book to cause a stir of interest or feedback we have finished the book and will release it either later this year or in 2013 
This is the first 10 pages of the book each side is another page

the total page count is 34 pages 
Emi wrote the book and I illustrated it under my alias name Dr. Krinkles
 hope you enjoyed it , I'm able to put out these free things and contest thanks to all of you who help out by sharing this blog page with friends! It makes a huge difference and I really appreciate you sharing my blog to your friends as well

all the best and hope you like the sneak peek of Lyla Loom , the girl who saved us from Doom!!

Win 2 Fink signed COMIC BOOKS!!

Hey everyone! Today is Friday and why not kick off the night with a fun easy contest to win 2 Signed comic books
these are the first 2 published comics I've done in my career
they were published by Antimatter Hoffman back in 2003
so it's an older style of mine and are the only 2 comics that were fully written and illustrated by me that are published (Although I've done other books,graphic novels and been in anthologies)

At the time I did these it was a happy moment for me to get recognized by another company and have my book put out

After this I did color comics for HellCar as well as had a graphic novel published by Slave Labor Graphics which was written by Chris Reilly

But yeah I did a contest a few days ago for a signed print and the reaction was great
Big Thanks to all of you who clicked on the sponsor ads on the right and bottom
and the winner of the signed print is Sarah Jessica White 

What I did was had Emi write down everyone who commented on the contest, written …