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To be an Artist , a true one...

To me, being an artist is the greatest career one can choose
creation itself is the biggest thing, one can do
we all were created (be it by our parents or God)
just as everything around us was created in the same way

when you break it down our lives are full of this creation around us
and we love when something "New" comes about

Star Wars for example is one of the most exciting and biggest things our planet has to offer
and the main thing that makes that property shine is the unique look and feel to it

what if it were originally designed by the artist who did the new "crappy" star wars movies?
I think the old ones would've just been another generic sci-fi movie

but an Artist has the ability to think up the NEW
to created the future , literally

our past and present is mostly changed by the look whenever we reference it
we dream of how the future will look

ultimately it must be lead by the artist

now now , there are plenty of artist in our world
but are they a true artist?

A true artist to me isn't one who copies the present and past
but creates a new future
comes up with something different that will shine on forever

we don't need carbon copies of nature anymore or ourselves
our phones do that for us

but a true artist can come up with anything and therefore change everything


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