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Strange CREATURES from my head!

As a child I remember being able to close my eyes and see things. I thought that everyone could see another world when they closed their eyes, but as I grew older Learned that this was something special.

 At the age of 9 I decided to draw one of these creatures that I saw in my head. It was hard for to draw it good, my skills weren't yet honed.

   That was the original kick of creating something new Before then I drew things that were more recognizable It wasn't that I couldn't be creative, it was wanting some approval that we all seek as a child.

 Approval is something that can hold us back when it comes to being creative
 Often people decide to come up with something that is similar to what already exist Because its easier that way. Others are more likely to enjoy it for its familiarity

 One must move past that "seeking approval" stage to find their own unique style and have a personality to it. That's where a different kind of confidence needs to kick in. Not the type that is egotistical , where one says how great they are. The kind that allows their own inner self to come out onto the paper with ease.

   I still can see an unlimited amount of things when I close my eyes , Worlds upon Worlds full of creatures! The kind of things people have never seen.

At the same time , I'm able to see these things with my eyes open. For so long I've been tapped into my inner creative side, a strange energy that is all around us waiting to be seen and thrown into our world.

 Yet, instead of me copying what I see, it's much more fun for me to just let it flow out onto the canvas or whatever I'm working with.

That element of surprise is what keeps it so entertaining and interesting.

 We all have heard that old negative saying that goes something like "everything has already been done, nothing new can be" Well, when did this start? Because all the time there is new things coming out. Maybe it's because the Movies are over saturated with the remakes and bad ideas that somehow get funding.

 New things will always come out! It hasn't already been done, that's just an old lie that someone without a single good idea must have came up with. I could ramble on about new technology and inventions that I'd like to see, and that I know one day will be. But until I can launch those myself or without proper credit I'm keeping them a secret.

 Seeing strange creatures is where it all started for me But it goes much further beyond that I don't know of its origin , but I do know we can all tap into its amazing energy

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