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Hypno Magic Kitty & 3 headed Satan Obama!

Yes Hypno Magic Kitty and a 3 Headed Satan/alien Obama are trying to steal all of your breakfast cereals!

they want to eat the cereal and sell it to a bizzaro walmart so that demon old school boom boxes can blast rap music backwards!

Obviously none of this is true , and I don't care about walmart,obama or magical kitties (well maybe magical cats but who doesn't?)

All I wanted to do was shake things up from the normal blog post so that I wasn't predictable
I don't like predictability nor do I enjoy commercials for drugs

most people that are my age or younger are straying away from TV and leaning towards the internetsville

it's all fun and games and we will still have good ol tv 30 years from now
but it's all going in different zany directions while multiple people panic and gulp down more coca colas

- Draw crippled monkeys
- invent a new sport
- bowl with empty water bottles and a crumbled up aluminum foil ball
- eat more food , and then puke or just eat
- read my blog
- write comments on my blog about how much you enjoy it
- count your money and then buy more art with it
- remember what your happiest moment ever was
- try to poop
- and number 10 lick an invisible lollipop while you feel your eyeballs

ok ok that's the good news
the bad news is I'm going to promote my ebay auctions
here's one you should check out

it ends in 5 days from now and has no current bids

well let me know the stuff and keep rocking n rolling!

**PS if you click on the 2 image they are print size and ready go to
so print them out yourself for free - and if you don't like free stuff then donate money to my paypal account

more soon
lovely chubby robots!



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