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Growing up in the 1980's

I was fortunate enough to get to grow up in the 1980's where I feel like it was a genuinely good decade to start out with

From the Kick off of it I was enjoying the Atari 2600
those 2 bit graphics and sounds had me and my brother enjoying thousands of hours fixated on the 700lb TV set
you could toss an Atari game against the wall , step on it and it still worked just fine

I didn't know what Ronald Regan was up to and I didn't care
TV shows were horrid and that was how everyone seemed to enjoy it

One thing's for sure I think the mass population has evolved just by what they could get away with in pop culture back then , from those TV shows and Movies (90%) which are laughable today

but with that cheesy filled decade came some greatness
and as human beings we are what our culture reflects , the art and culture is what separates us from the animals
for we can have time periods like the 80's 90's and so on to show as proof of where we WERE and where we are going next

the 1980's had Star Wars and Gremlins
Garbage pail Kids , NES , and oh so much more
if you lived threw it you know all about the good stuff , and even if you didn't you probably know most of it because it's been reinvented today so that they could remake profit from it all

It was the last decade where baseball seemed to have a quality and good ethic to it
they say baseball is the american sport so maybe America lost something as we entered the 1990s
I was afraid of the 90's I didn't want to see my favorite decade end
and when vanilla ice , the new kids on the block and power rangers rolled in with George Bush in the lead
I knew times had changed and that I had to change with it our wouldn't be of any use

looking back I enjoyed and dislike things about every decade and that's how it should be
no 10 years of time is perfect or plain out horrible
it's what you do in your time
that's what makes you who you are today and gives you valid credit or discredit

here I sit in my kitchen , writing on a device I couldn't imagine back in 1987
and next to me is my iPhone
I'm happy for all that the world has to offer and that if you work hard and are smarter then the average bear
you can make something of yourself , today here in America
and probably in a good 2 handfuls of other countries

Were all connected now , you might be reading this in France or Vietnam
it's cool

so that's my 1980's spiel without going too far into it

Here's a work of art I did about making a new birthday song
I've been making more music lately and want to do my own version of a birthday song
so Happy birthday to all the kids that are being born or anyone who has a birthday around now
if you'd like this work email me it's available for $40 postpaid in the USA is the best way of reaching me or post a message on the blog

let's make the best of the rest of our 2012!


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