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The Future of Big business

Today we see that there are Big companies , so huge that they have "Absolute Power"
with that said there is so many heads into these companies it allows room for dirty work as well as money being lost,wasted and given in multiple directions

The future will be bright my friends , this I know as I knew at the age of 5 that I would be a successful artist
In this bright future Big companies are going to fall , we already see it
They may say to us all , its Bad news
because the ones delivering this message are part of the same companies

It's all connected as we all are too
So with all those big bad companies going down
NEW ones will rise
but they won't rise with the same corruption
because they will have come from the ground up and will keep their integrity

Golden Age it sure will be
not only because of business , but because of the heart in people
the evolution of our species in mental, metaphysically as well as spiritual forms
We won't be controlled by the Big business of today and yesterday
We won't feel as though the many are slaves for the few

Some might say this is the kind of ramble of a crazy person
but one must be crazy to think that standing up for the people is anything but sane and human.

I love the good in this world
Nobody loves the evil , and we can feel it upon us everyday
This is why they will crumble , this is why our children will live in a better world

I'm excited for the future my friends
look between the lines and see that they lied to us so that we are lead in fear and hate
it's upon us in commercials and media
but we don't have to connect to it anymore

We will make a better, brighter future
And I promise you with my own rise of success that I will make the best of it without the "Absolute Power" that we see darkening our minds and hearts today

Here's to an exciting and happy life fulfilled with an inner passion that allows us to be free
to exist in the new era to come where we can look back and remember the way the old world once was


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