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The Art of Designer toys!

since the beginning of mankind as far back as "cave men" 
Artist set the culture of what is and will be
Toys are a great example of this
but it wasn't until recent times that Artist would get credit for designing toys
Since I was a child I wanted to create toys 
They are one of the coolest things you have when you're a kid

Toys R us was my favorite place to go 
Seeing so many different things in their stores was very overwhelming 

Another great thing that you can find almost at every grocery store as well as tons of other places are 
Capsule vending machines

 have you ever seen a line of Capsule toys designed by an Artist? 
the only thing that comes close to my mind is the "Homies" which were incredibly successful in the 1990's and early 2000's 
but not many know that person's name , but they probably saw his toys. 

Soon that will change as I signed an amazing deal with the Biggest capsule toy company in the world!
There will be multiple cool lines made and manufactured which will be based not only on the drawings , but also the sculptures of my own , Emi Boz and my alias company name "Dr. Krinkles" 

back in 2009 I decided to start my 2nd company so that it was even more marketable towards children
(*also created this company because of someone in the business was working against me, we will get to them below*)
as my first "Gus Fink Studios" had a wide range appealing to kids as well as adults
the Dark edge to my artwork will remain in Gus Fink Studios as well as my original art I paint 

but Dr. Krinkles won't go as dark
still I think both companies have a mass appeal to all ages
my first toy line was created back in 2007
at that time I signed a major Licensing deal that was with Rocket USA
but after the death of their owner Michael Perry the company went under and my toys weren't getting the recognition they deserved

But I knew that wouldn't be my only Licensing deal
you can't let a sad passing of a friend get you down and make you quit
Dr. Krinkles launched in 2009 and quickly got signed multiple Licensing deals from T-Shirts to cuff links 
to Stickers,pins,art on personal checks , toys and so on

the most recent Launched "Gus Fink" toys were collaborations with "GodBeast"
if you can find these gems , you will be happy to know how rare they are
and surely will go for a good $ in the near future
but back to 2007 
I launched more Art toys then any other independent artist that year
yet I didn't get much media attention for this as Artist often are ignored 

They shouldn't be however
I feel that Artist are so important to setting the tone of who we are from Musicians and Film makers
to ones who think differently and change the way we see things

Sure my Toys were sold in over 15 different countries 
but I also had to fight to receive the income I deserved. 
Even though my name was on the box and packaging , there were people working at Rocket USA that
tried to make sure I never received what was owed to me.

It was a personal attack that I will never forget.
A man I won't mention but if you know me good enough
you will know the agony they caused me
I'm happy to know they no longer have a job and will now get to see me succeed without their jealous acts in my way
For fun these acts I speak of I will list a few of them haah
1- they would throw away business cards of Buyers who wanted to buy mass quantities
2- Talk badly about me on a personal level towards co-workers
3- try to sell their own creations to people who were interested in my work
I could go on and on but that's not the point of this whole post
it's about how the Art and Toy business can be
or any situation really , some people are rough and others are quite amazing
you always got to move past it which is what I did by starting a 2nd company at that time
Yes, the Art world is tough, and when it comes to creating toys it's something many don't get to achieve
not because they aren't talented but because the word of Business is even tougher then Art.

Hand in hand you got to always be on top of every aspect of them both and think beyond what others have in the past.

Imagine if Andy Warhol went further then making his prints and created toys
I have and that's exactly what I'm doing

The future of Art is very exciting
Artist are more and more getting the credit they deserve , it may be a rough n rocky road but that's what makes you feel proud for your accomplishments

I will leave you with this cool example of how I'm working with my partner Emi Boz on new toy lines to come , pretty cool huh?


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