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10 easy steps on "How to get abducted by ALIENS"

Everyone on this planet knows about Aliens
we see new movies coming out all the time  , mostly portraying them as evil beings trying to kill us all.

Well I was lucky enough to find a rule book from Galaxy 888 that explains 10 easy steps on how to be abducted by aliens
so I'm just going to copy what it says so that everyone can get abducted tonight and share their wonderful stories

so the next few paragraphs I didn't write - just copying what the rule book says:

Welcome reader , by now you are thinking just tell me how to get abducted so I can obtain the super powers and know more then my neighbor

so before I continue on with Yabber Blabber , just read below the 10 easy steps
we make it easy because nobody likes difficult things
lets do it backwards tho , to build excitement! EXCITMENT!!!! opps we spelled that wrong
it shouldn't be that way but WE don't hve spelcheck

#10 - Take a soft pretzel or 3 sticks of bubble gum and place them on your head , while those object or objects is/are on your head Whistle a song and during the song climb on top of a vehicle , this should take place in a corn or wheat field around 12:33 am between May27th and July 13th *note if it doesn't work , try again with a different song*

#9 - makeshift a aluminum bathtub and listen to static radio for 3 hours while closing your eyes and thinking about space
you need to be in the tub nude or with diaper on *do not have any body hair during this*

#8 - take a bunch of your money and burn it while laughing hysterically (this one doesn't always work)

#7 - speak backwards with a friend under candle light near an old castle
preferably a castle that used to have Wizards near by

#6 - stack a layer of bricks over your body that spells SOS , the bricks should total at least 88lbs
wait approx 29 minutes and if it doesn't work you probably stacked them slightly crooked
re stack and wait until it works

#5- don't pass gas or burp for 11 days (this can be difficult if you are a dog or human)
us Aliens will appreciate your energy if you can do this

#4- act very very crazy , so intense that nobody believes anything you say anymore
after a month WE (the aliens) will abduct you and this way they know it won't matter WHO you tell

#3 - shine a 9 foot mirror into space from 333am till 333pm anywhere in the Desert of New Mexico *this one works almost 99% of the time and this is why we have it at number 3

#2 - build a spacecraft that works , fly towards the brightest star
we will soon take your ship into our own and give you a new ship to get back home

#1 - become more famous then Tom Cruise or Brittney Spears (depending on your sex)
Once your acquire this fame we will enter your home of choice

Ok my friends , that is what is said in the rule book
I thought it was really amazing information and wanted to share as I'm not a greedy person

Love you and if you enjoy it , please share with your friends!

Happy Gus Gus Gus Day!


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