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Showing posts from October, 2011

Gallery 309 show

My work will be featured in the next Show at Gallery 309
there's a special viewing on Saturday Oct 29th
and then another on first friday in November
so there's that

Besides that show I will be going to Virginia next month for Anime USA
what's keeping me busy till then?
for starters working on various projects , some which I can't speak of
but the others are cool things for crane machines , and capsuel toys to name a few

so keep your eyes peeled like bananers and tell people you don't know my website


New Alice In Wonderland Art!

checkout this New Alice in Wonderland art
as well as the Joker and Batman VS Superman

each one is available as a print for only $20 postpaid per print
or get all 3 for $50 postpaid

enjoy and stay tuned for more info!

New Paintings for Sale!

Hello Everyone
I've just made some new paintings which felt great to create
Lately I've been so busy working on assorted projects that painting wasn't part of my norm
now that I got some great new works under my belt
I wanted to put them up here for sale

Email me if you're interested in purchasing them ,

I'm also taking commissions at the moment too

this painting is titled "Into the Golden Age" and is $520 - measures 20x20" on stretched canvas this one is titled Simple where I stand - measures 14x11" on stretched canvas and is $144
lastly "Secret of the Pyramids" is mixd medium on stretched   canvas for $333 measures 24x18" 
I accept paypal and money orders at the moment
email me any questions

best n many thanks!