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Moving forward

I'm excited for the summer with all the great shows going on
First one is Monster Mania in Hunt Valley Maryland June 3-5th
then I fly out to Las Vegas for my 3rd year in a row of going to the LICENSE EXPO
that's a huge show and I'm looking forward to making some new license deals

Then we have the Philadelphia Comic Con - all 3 of those shows are in June , so it's mega packed

the rest of the summer and fall are getting booked up with shows too
and I will be launching lots of new product

here's the newest youtube video and many more will be coming out each week!
stay turned and thanks

Miko and Cola are getting started

just posted the 4th Mini Episode of Miko and Cola
and am working on the final touches of their comic book
which will be the first release of my new comic company Krumble Comix

tomorrow I have to pay off the balance for the Miko and Cola Plush toys that shipped out today Toy City 

besides that this contest I did for H and M ends in about 3 hours
looking forward to the results of that

lastly I'm preparing for the License Expo in Las Vegas which will be in June

things have never been busier but I know this is just the beginning

today also featured a false alarm thankfully for a tornado
so all in all I'm a happy boy doing what I do best

it's also the 2nd week of my new Intern Kale working for us here
so far so good - had him update more stuff on among other stuffffff

gotta go , feeling hungry